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Injection Molded and Custom Totes

We design and manufacture all interior dunnage utilized in bulk container packaging. With in-house manufacturing capabilities we control the process from initial concept and designs through production and delivery to your dock.

We use state of the art welding equipment to produce custom-sized containers that will last through the life cycle of your programs.

Injection Molded Totes (Hand-Held Totes)


Our team has strategic relationships with injection molded tote manufacturers to provide competitive pricing and an inventory of the most common and utilized standard containers in the industry.

Common dunnage materials include:

  • Textile dunnage inserts
  • Corrugated plastic partitions
  • Corrugated plastic and foam trays

Custom Totes

We design and manufacture custom corrugated totes that are great for transporting parts that do not fit in standard size injection molded containers. Custom totes allow for more flexibility than standard injection molded totes.

textile_dunnage_sys.jpgWe can create your custom tote by considering:

  • Color
  • Product and tote dimensions
  • Dunnage needs
  • Labeling specifications
  • Screen printing
  • Material thickness for increased durability 

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