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Design, Prototype, and Validation

Our design team analyzes each individual project and determines the most economic and efficient way to safely transport your products to the end user. We believe it is at this stage of the process that we differentiate ourselves from our competitors: Our understanding of your true project cost combined with our broad design experience results in significant savings that directly affect your bottom line.


After an extensive study of your project during the consultation and analysis phase, our team designs innovative, custom concepts to be evaluated before the product is built. Our team works in SolidWorks and can accept any file format (e.g., CATIA, UG, STP). 


This step in the process gives you the opportunity to see, touch, examine, and handle the pack before sending it to production. This step also allows you to complete any internal testing and solicit necessary feedback from your team.

Our Auburn Hills and Greenville locations can provide prototypes for all kinds of containers and dunnage. Having the ability to prototype in two different regions allows to us to significantly cut the time required to get the final product into your hands.


Our design team works closely with Clemson University, which is home to one of the nation's leading Packaging Science Programs. Through our partnership with Clemson University, we have access to a state-of-the-art testing facility to assist in validating our prototypes and confirm that our customized solutions can withstand your business's environment and supply chain.

Once your project has been designed, prototyped, tested, and validated, we schedule your project for fabrication in one of our three in-house manufacturing facilities.

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