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Returnable Dunnage

Let our team create a custom returnable dunnage solution to meet your unique packaging needs. All design, prototype, and manufacturing of returnable dunnage is completed in-house by our Response Packaging team.

Sewn Textile Dunnage

product20.jpgSewn textile dunnage is great for racks, sleeve packs, totes, bulk bins, and collapsible containers.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased nestability
  • Superior Class A surface protection
  • No tooling charges
  • Customizable to fit existing fleet of containers
  • Perfect for Class A highly senstive interior and exterior parts

Corrugated Plastic

product16.jpgCorrugated plastic dunnage is an excellent solution for bulk containers, totes, and shipping racks.  

Key Benefits:

  • Various sizes and thicknesses are available from 2–10mm
  • Various Class A friendly laminates to protect sensitive parts
  • All designs customized to optimize pack density

Foams and Foam Converting


We utilize a wide array of foams—varying in chemical composition and density to best fit your unique application. Foam solutions can be used alone or in combination with textile bags and corrugated plastic dunnage designs.


Urethane Dunnage

For dunnage applications requiring a more durable and rigid substrate to handle wear and tear, our team can design, prototype, and mass produce urethane dunnage to meet your needs. The durometer of the molded dunnage can be adjusted based on the final application of the product.


  • Design Services
  • Complete Prototyping
  • Production

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